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Prof B Neethling started a project with the colleagues in the Department. (More information on the project will be loaded in due course.)

In 2019, Dr S Mokapela started a project called: Learners Dictionary of isiXhosa Collocations to which a PhD candidate is attached.

In 2019, Dr S Mokapela initiated a translation project of learner materials for the Department of Chemistry in collaboration with Prof F Ajaye from the Department of Chemistry and Prof M Jaantjes from the Department of Information Systems. A MA candidate is attached to this project.
In 2019, Dr Mokapela started a project or translating Astrophysics material to isiXhosa for High School children.

The Department is partnering with the Centre in African Language Teaching (CALT) particularly the isiXhosa language, in the Faculty of Education under the leadership of Prof Vuyokazi Nomlomo. The role of the department is curriculum and materials development, coaching and mentorship of student teachers.

In broadening the focus on the variations in indigenous African languages, particularly isiXhosa, Sesotho and other Nguni languages is the department’s participation in an international project on multilingualism in collaboration with Prof Bassey Antia (UWC).