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Prof RH Kaschula:

2015: Kaschula, R.H. & Dlutu, B. ‘Reinventing the oral word and returning it to the community via Technauriture.’ In Bidwell, N.J. & Winschiers-Theophilus, H. (eds.). At the intersection of indigenous and traditional knowledge and technology design. Santa Rose, California: Informing Science Press.

2015: Docrat, Z. & Kaschula, R.H. ‘Meaningful engagement: Towards a language rights paradigm for effective language policy implementation. South African Journal of African Languages. 35(1). pp. 1-9.

2015: Kaschula, R.H. Guest Editor of the Southern African Journal of Folklore Studies in which two members of the NRF SARChI African languages Chair published articles (Prof Wolff & Dr GV Mona).

2015: H Ekkehard Wolff (NRF Chair). ‘Losing the Flavour? From orature to literature, and on choices when compiling dictionaries for unwritten African languages’. SAFOS Journal. Volume 25.

2015: Godfrey Vulindlela Mona (NRF Chair). ‘The interface between the oral and the written: an interdisciplinary analysis of selected poems by Mqhayi and Jolobe. SAFOS Journal. Volume 25.

2015: Mhlobo Jadezweni. ‘Beyond “Dudlu ntombazana!” - The Voice of S.E.K. Mqhayi’. SAFOS Journal. Volume 25.

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2016: Kaschula, R.H. ‘Technauriture as an educational tool in South Africa’. Nordic Journal of African Studies. (Forthcoming). Edited by Daniela Merolla, Leiden University.

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2017: Kaschula, R.H. ‘Intellectualisation of isiXhosa literature: the case of Jeff Opland.’ Tydskrif vir Letterkunde. 2017: Kaschula, R.H., Maseko, P., & Wolff, E. (Eds.). Multilingualism and Intercultural Communication: A South African Perspective. Johannesburg: Wits Press.

2017: Introduction. In Russell H Kaschula, H Ekkehard Wolff and Pamela Maseko. pp. 1-4.

2017: Kaschula, R.H. & Maseko, P. Researching the intellectualisation of African languages, multilingualism and education. In Russell H Kaschula, H Ekkehard Wolff and Pamela Maseko (Eds.). pp. 19 – 33.

2017: Kaschula, R.H., & Mostert, A. Language policy in South Africa through the Sapir-Whorf ‘looking glasses’. In Russell H Kaschula, H Ekkehard Wolff and Pamela Maseko. (Eds.). pp. 283 – 300.

2017: Kaschula, R.H. & Kunju, H. Music, literature and multilingualism in the East Cape Opera Company. In Russell H Kaschula, H Ekkehard Wolff and Pamela Maseko. (Eds.). 313 – 322.

2017: Docrat, Z., Kaschula, R.H. & Ralarala, M. The exclusion of South African sign language speakers in the criminal justice system: A case-based approach. In Ralarala, M., Barris, K.,

Ms T Ntwana:

2015: Ntwana T., Somniso, M. A critical analysis of the translation of “Things Fall Apart” into isiXhosa “Lwadilik’udonga”.


Published an Award winning IsiXhosa Drama book, “Akwaba” – Oxford University Press – Currently prescribed for the intermediate phase in schools (Grade 10)
– adapted for stage at Baxter Theatre
– Received Best Contribution to the Literary Arts Award from “THE WESTERN CAPE CULTURAL AFFAIRS AWARDS - 2015”

Translated a chapter in Thembelani Ngenelwa’s novel: “The day I died”.

Published Xhosa Nursery Rhymes - Hibbard Publishers
Co-authored a Short Story Book – “Ubomi ngumzamo” - Hibbard Publishers

Published a Children’s story book, “There wouldn’t be a house …” – this book has been translated into IsiXhosa “Ngeyingekho le ndlu …”, and Afrikaans “Daar sou nie ‘n huis wees sonder …” – Room-To-Read South Africa

Published a Xhosa Short story book – For Adult Readers, “Ikhubalo likaSoyola”  – New Readers Publishers

Authored 6 stage dramas for Grades 3 to 9 – Oxford University Press  

Authored 3 Children’s stories for Grades R – 3 – Oxford University Press
Contributed 5 poems in an anthology on Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, “Aa! Dalibhunga ” – Ilitha Publisher

Mr Z Jama:       

2019, Zahraa Mohamed, Stephanie Roche, Joel Claassen, Zukile Jama Students' perceptions of the effectiveness of additional language tuition in the University of Cape Town MBChB programme: A descriptive cross-sectional study. African Journal of Primary Health Care & Family Medicine – Article

2019 Stitching a Whirlwind | Translations | Poetry – Scribd 27 Jan. 2019 - 223 JC Oosthuysen; p. 224); Zukile Jama (p. 220 Zukile Jama); CMDR (p. 220 Fred Khumalo; p. 221 JM Lenake; p. 222 Thokozile Mabeqa;