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About us

Welcome to the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship at the University of the Western Cape. Our professional and innovative degree programmes are carefully designed and focused on developing your skills, knowledge, and abilities to optimally function as a manager and an entrepreneur in a range of real-world issues.

All our programmes offer rigorous academic standards comparable with similar programmes at other universities, yet are found to have the most reasonably priced course fees throughout South Africa.

Our undergraduate programme will equip you with the fundamental tools on how to make sense of the world around you, understand the behaviour of consumers, managers, and entrepreneurs, and equip you with the language of management, organisations, and entrepreneurship.

Postgraduate programmes such as the ADM and PGDBA are designed for specialisation and strengthening the professional business and entrepreneurial capacity of our students.

Postgraduate studies such as our BCom (Honours in Management) and the MCom are designed for specialisation and strengthening the research capacity of our students.

Studying here will help prepare you for a wide range of career opportunities in large organisations, SMMES, and starting your own business as an entrepreneur.

Do you want to STAND OUT?

Differentiate yourself from other graduates by majoring in management and entrepreneurship. Graduates who major in management and entrepreneurship will typically be on a track to work in one of the following fields:
  • Large multinational corporations
  • Small, Medium, and Micro enterprises (SMMEs)
  • Starting your own business as an entrepreneur
  • Government services (in marketing and operations management)
  • Parastatals (Eskom, Telkom, Yskor, etc.)
  • Insurance companies
  • Consultancies
  • Think tanks and research organisations
  • International organisations
  • Journalism
  • Teacher or lecturer (academic)
  • Researcher