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South African Institute for Advanced Materials Chemistry (SAIAMC) at the University of the Western Cape (UWC), established in 2004, comprises four distinct and closely interrelated programmes:
  • Hydrogen South Africa Systems Integration Competence Centre (HySA Systems),
  • PetroSA Synthetic Fuels Innovation Centre (PSFIC) and
  • Energy Storage and Fluid Treatment Centre (ESFTC)
  • Green Hydrogen Program
SAIAMC has been established to pioneer a new type of relationship between industry and academia in South Africa in which local companies and organisations locate a significant portion of their research development and demonstration capability at the Institute in order to achieve their requirements in sustainable energy supply and environment.

This unprecedented initiative is intended to fast-track improvements in vital stages of accessible energy generation processes and to simultaneously develop human capital capable of moving seamlessly from university to industry without the costly intermediate training period usually involved with graduate employment. This mission is premised on the following strategic technology imperatives:
  • Universal power modules for stationary and mobile applications
  • Clean synthetic fuel production utilising alternative renewable feed stocks
  • Smart electrochemical systems for energy storage and water purification