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The School of Science and Mathematics Education (SSME) is committed to the development of a critical mass of quality professionals in the fields of science and mathematics education.

Given its mission, it was necessary to ensure that all activities in the SSME are governed by a philosophy of quality and excellence. These activities include among other things: research projects, teaching, curriculum development, in-service training, outreach, community service, exhibitions, seminars, workshops and various public awareness programmes. 

SSME is an exemplification of a Centre of Excellence in Science and Mathematics education in the Sub-region and Africa as a whole; a status conferred on it by UNESCO as far back as the 1998 under the auspices of the UNESCO/UNITWIN Programme. In pursuit of excellence, the School is aware of its social role to the community in terms of mounting up programmes that empower disadvantaged individuals to acquire technical, practical and survival skills necessary for productivity and self-actualisation.