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“Learning together to work together for better health”

The Interprofessional Education Unit (IPEU) at the University of the Western Cape was established to provide interprofessional educational and collaborative practice opportunities for health science students in 2012. A core interprofessional curriculum was developed which spans from the first year to the postgraduate level of study. Annually over 1000 students participate in the interprofessional educational (IPE) modules and programmes. Sites of collaborative practice where students engage with each other and stakeholders to deliver interprofessional services in rural and urban communities as well as at primary, secondary, and tertiary clinical sites were also established.
The IPEU has a strong commitment to building IPE capacity amongst the faculty staff, student supervisors, and clinicians for their roles in developing, delivering and evaluating interprofessional education. Building a regional IPE network to share best practices, challenges and opportunities in the African context is essential. The IPEU is dedicated to the transformation of health professions education and the health system, with its programmes showcasing the range of IPE projects undertaken at the university. These programmes shape the education and training of students for a strong, flexible and collaborative health workforce, that is able to confront the highly complex health challenges of today.