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Faculty of Dentistry

Prof. Neil Myburgh

Welcome to the UWC Faculty of Dentistry

If you come to us as a new student, it means your efforts at school have already helped you compete successfully with over 2 500 others seeking a place in our dentistry or oral hygiene classes. Well done!

If you want to be a dentist or a hygienist, or perhaps someday, a specialist, you have aspirations that we can help turn into reality from student to clinical professional. We look forward to sharing this exciting journey with you. The staff who accompany you along your journey will soon be your colleagues in a really challenging profession. 

If you are here to follow postgraduate studies or to do research towards a PhD, we can connect you with exciting projects and programmes to fulfil these aspirations. The Faculty has a substantial track record of research, publication and international partnerships, including a WHO Collaborating Centre for Oral Health.

Please feel free to contact us online, or come and talk to us about how we can help you reach your personal dream, or just to talk.

While the journey may not always be easy, whatever programme you join will be intellectually challenging as well intensely practical and relevant to your dental career, and the quality of care you can provide to your community.

I hope you choose to partner with us in this amazing journey.

- Prof. Neil Myburgh