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2023 Law YearBook

2023 Student Handbook


Undergraduate students in the Law Faculty are alerted to the fact that presence on campus will be required for -
  • the attendance of lectures, and
  • sit-down assessments
Students should plan accordingly.


Postgraduate students should liaise with the relevant lecturer as to the mode of presentation as per the link: PG-mode of teaching 2023 or contact


Senate Discretionary Assessment (SDA)

How do I apply for an SDA? 

Students do not apply for an SDA, but rather qualify for the SDA exam. Kindly note the rule below:

A.5.2.8 Senate Discretionary Assessment (SDA)

A Senate Discretionary Assessment may be granted, if the Faculty Board concerned has obtained prior permission from Senate, in cases where:

(a) a student owes no more than one module to promote to the next level of study or complete a programme, provided that the student has written the final examination or second chance examination and have obtained an overall aggregate of at least 40% for the module.

(b) the final mark for the module shall not exceed 50%.

A.5.2.9 A student granted a Senate Discretionary Assessment, will not under any circumstances be granted a further assessment opportunity.

When is the SDA period?

Senate Discretionary Assessments (SDAs) will take place from 16 – 18 January 2023. A student must qualify for this as per Rule A.5.2.8 Senate Discretionary Assessment (SDA) in the General Calendar.

publication of results

When does registration take place?
  • PhD and Masters - Tuesday, 10 January 2023 -  Friday, 10 February 2023. 
  • Undergraduate (returning) and Honours and PG diploma/certificate - Tuesday, 10 January 2023 - Friday, 10 February 2023. 
  • New undergraduate students - Monday, 23 January 2023 - Friday, 10 February 2023.
How do I book an advisor?
Kindly click on the link below

curriculum advisory

How much is the registration fee? 
Students not in University residences R4290 (to be paid before registration)
Students placed at University residences R4840 (to be paid before registration)

Where do I pay my registration fee?
Bank: ABSA Bank
Account name: UWC Student Deposit
Account Branch: Public Sector Western Cape
Account No: 40 4960 4740
Branch Code: 632005
Swift Code: ABSAZAJJ

I need financial clearance, what do I need to do?
Students who may require financial clearance should make contact with Student Credit Management via the following Hubs:
Student Financial Clearance Portal:

Call Centre: 021 959 3558
Email a consultant:

How do I obtain a letter regarding code of good conduct?
Kindly email to furnish you with the necessary documentation.

I’ve officially completed. How do I obtain my letter of completion?
All graduates will receive an official completion letter (electronically) that will be signed and stamped and indicate the:
qualification obtained,
medium of instruction, 
conduct of the graduate, and 
date degree conferred
Contact for queries.

graduation information

How can I obtain my academic transcripts?
Please email or visit the link below:

administration helpdesk

Dean's Merit List Criteria

Dean's Merit List 2022 Criteria


Undergraduate Notices

2023 Final year students, to assist you in making informed choices in terms of selecting elective modules in your final year, herewith a blurb of the elective modules on offer in 2023:
2023 ELECTIVE MODULEs on offer

2023 First-year students, to assist you in making informed choices in terms of selecting non-legal elective modules, herewith a blurb on the non-legal elective modules for 2023:

1st Year Non-Legal elective Modules


Plagiarism Declaration

All law students are required to attach the Faculty’s prescribed Plagiarism Declaration to all their assignments, essays and take-home tests.
It is a document in which you declare, essentially, that the work you are submitting is your own and that you have not plagiarised.
An assignment, essay or take-home test which is not accompanied by the prescribed Plagiarism Declaration will not be marked.
An example of the Plagiarism Declaration is attached to this handbook as an appendix.
Click on the button below to download the official Plagiarism Declaration: