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CURRICULUM ADVISING (Closed for the first semester)

Curriculum Advising is done for the programme (eg BCom 3 year) for which you are registered and not the modules (eg. MAN132) you wish to register for that are part of the programme.

Select the portal based on the programme (eg BAdmin or BCom Accounting) for which you are currently registered.

Please use the relevant links below for curriculum advice:

BCom Accounting (1021) / BCom Financial Accounting (1175) /BCom Accounting ECP (4 year) (1753)

BCom General ECP (4 year) (1751)

BCom General (3 year) Portal 1 (1008)

BCom General (3 year) Portal 2 (1008)

BCom General (3year) Portal 3 (1008)

BCom General (3 year) Portal 4 (1008)

BCom General (3 year) Portal 5 (1008) -

BAdmin (1011)

BCom IS (1033) -

For queries pertaining to specific processes, kindly click on the link applicable:

New Curriculum Changes Query (BAdmin 1011; BCom 1008 and BCom 4-year 1751)

Change of Degree Applications:

Pass requirement: Only for Postgraduate Students

Condoned Pass: Only for Undergraduate Students