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The Department is a place of quality in sport science, recreation and sports management.

Undergraduate Programme
  • B.Sc. SRES
Medical Clearance
Every applicant wishing to register for any of the study programmes and/or courses offered by the Department of Sport, Recreation and Exercise Science at the University of the Western Cape must submit a certificate issued by a registered medical practitioner (in the format approved by the university) attesting to the absence of any medical, physical or mental condition that may prevent him/her from participating in the theoretical and/or practical aspects (which may include strenuous physical exercise). In addition to the medical certificate referred to above, both the parents (or guardian/s) of applicants that are under 21 years of age are required to sign a document (in the format approved by the university) exempting the university from any legal action and or legal liability that may arise from their children (or wards) partaking in any of programmes offered by the department.
Admission Requirements
BA Sports?, Recreation and Exercise Science (SRES)
  • English at level 4
  • Maths at level 3 or Maths Literacy at level 4
  • Another language at level 3 
  • English at level 4
  • Maths at level 4 or Maths Literacy at level 6
  • Another language at level 3
  • Life Sciences at level 4 
Programme Content (BA & BSc degrees) 
First Year
  • Core Courses:
    • EED
    • Computer Literacy
    • Introduction to Philosophy of Care 
    • Primary Health Care
    • Kinesiology
    • Fundamentals of Exercise Physiology
    • Practicals (dance and aquatics)
    • Practicals (adventure and outdoor recreation)     
Second Year
  • SRES Modules:
    • Recreation
    • Games Concepts
    • Basic Principles of Sport and Recreation Management
    • Sport Psychology
    • Sport in Society
    • Evaluation and Measurement
    • Motor Control & Development
    • Recreation
    • Development of Exercise Physiology   
Third Year
  • SRES Modules: Students must choose eight of the following modules, depending on which degree is taken:
    • Biomechanics
    • Fitness
    • Adapted Physical Activity
    • Fitness Internship
    • Sports Safety
    • Coaching
    • Fitness Coaching Internship
    • Management of Sport
    • Sport and Community Development
    • Recreation Major
    • Recreation Internship
    • Applied Sport Management
    • Applied Sport Management  Internship
    • Advanced Exercise Physiology
Electives:  Students must choose specified modules from one of following departments: 
  • BA SRES degree:  History, Psychology, Management or English.
  • BSc SES degree:  Medical Biosciences.