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Evaluation of your International Qualifications are essential to confirming the level of learning attained and the appropriate articulation with qualifications registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). The relevant statutory bodies seek to ascertain the equivalence or comparison of international qualifications with local qualifications in an attempt to inform the minimum admission requirements to higher education. This is done in one of the following ways: 

Application for Exemption with Universities South Africa (USAf), formerly Higher Education South Africa (HESA).​

This process is for International Applicants who wish to apply for exemption in order to  be granted access to higher education in South Africa. The Exemption Application Process and Methods of Application for undergraduate applications is outlined on the following HESA web-page: HESA-ENROL. 

You will be directed to the USAf Assessment Tool first. This will give you a good indication of the strength of your application. Thereafter you will be directed to submit an online application.

For Applications for Exemption Enquiries

Phone: +2710 591 4401/2
Fax: 086 677 7744 (SA Only)
Fax: +2712 481 2922 (International)

Your Application for Exemption may take a while and we therefore recommend you complete this as soon as you have a statement of results available before moving to the next step in the process i.e. UWC Online Application.

Evaluation of Foreign Qualifications with the South African Qualifications  Authority (SAQA)

This process is for International Applicants who wish to apply for admission to Post Graduate Higher Education Programmes in South Africa using their undergraduate qualifications. Information related to the process for Evaluating Foreign Qualifications are outlined on the   following SAQA web-page: SAQA 

The online application for the Evaluation of Foreign Qualifications can be accessed from Here. ​You will be required to register as a new user, after which you may proceed with your application for the Evaluation of your Qualification.

For Evaluation of Foreign Qualifications Enquiries
Phone: +2712 431 5070 - Evaluation of Foreign Qualifications
Phone: 0860 111 673 - Helpdesk
Phone: +2721 431 5000 - Switchboard
Fax: +2721 431 5147

This Evaluation Certificate must accompany your application to UWC and we therefore recommend you complete this before moving to the next step in the process Click HERE for more information. 

Some Faculties may require an Exemption Certificate from USAf and an Evaluation of Foreign Qualifications from SAQA for admission into a particular programme. Please consult faculty specific admission requirements.

Since your application depends on either USAf Exemption or a SAQA Evaluation Certificate and in some cases both, we will not be able to process your application until the appropriate evidence from USAf and/or SAQA is supplied. We therefore recommend that you complete this component as soon as possible. 

Further enquiries should be directed to USAF or consult our international guideline for applications​ alternatively contact ISSO office at